What is the VTTA?

The Veterans Time Trials Association (VTTA) exists to promote racing against the clock for riders over 40. For a quick visual comparision of VTTA benefits with only riding as a CTT registered rider, see here.

Why Join?

Whilst most CTT events are run purely on actual time, as a VTTA member your race times can also be ‘age adjusted’ to level the playing field across all ages.

Your age adjusted time (AAT) is used for a system of personal bests, known as Standards. Your Standard for each distance is increased each year in line with your age. If you beat it you qualify for a Standard Award, and your new target is to beat that by at least 1 second. If you don’t beat it, you try again the next year until you do!

If you ride a VTTA National Championship event, it’s your AAT which is used for the results. Anyone can enter, but you have to be a member to be placed.

There are 3 VTTA season-long competitions: The Best All Rounder (BAR), The Short Distance Competition, and The Three Distance Competition.

  • The BAR is the same as the CTT’s British Best All Rounder (BBAR), including your best 50, 100 and 12 hour, except the VTTA uses age adjusted times and distances rather than actual.
  • The Short Distance uses your age adjusted average speed across 2x10 mile and 2x25 mile events, and
  • The Three Distance which is the same, but for your best 25, 50 and 100 mile event.

The VTTA maintains the UK’s time trialling age records. To get a record you just need to beat the best actual time by anyone your age or older.
News and updates and news on all of the above, and much more, are circulated to members each quarter in The Veteran magazine.

Is it for you?

If you are new to time trialling you can find a couple of helpful articles on the website - Beginner's Guide to Time Trialling and Time Trialling FAQs

There are various pages on this website that will give you a picture of the VTTA and its activities - see the various 'Explained' sections

There is a brief introduction to the VTTA  here

You can find out about our regional groups and which covers your area here 

How do you join?

You can find out more about joining here on the Membership page. This page also explains how you can enter for VTTA awards and competitions.

Latest News

We need some help !

Who might contribute to the running of the VTTA?

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TT Event Tool updated for 2024 standards and Classification

TT Event Tool updated for 2024 standards and Classification

The TT Event Tool v5-R1 has been updated for 2024 standards and the classification attribute: open or female

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VTTA Age Adjustments and Standards 2024 now live

The 2024 age adjustments and standards are now live on the website.

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Tips on adding website content

We need more website content! This article gives tips on using the Website editor for adding News and About information.

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Group News

Yorkshire Age Records System Now Live

Yorkshire Age Records System Now Live

full lists are now published on the national website

Mike Dansie Trophy 2024

Mike Dansie Trophy 2024

Congratulations to Matthew Smith (Gemini BC) for winning the Mike Dansie Trophy, the first of the season, with an AAT of 17:00.  (The event was shortened to 8 miles)

North Midlands: Annual Luncheon & Prize Presentation, February 2024

North Midlands: Annual Luncheon & Prize Presentation, February 2024

Annual Luncheon & Presentation of prizes for 2023

2024 Midlands VTTA Championship Events

2024 Midlands VTTA Championship Events

Wessex Group Secretary

General Secretary

2023 South Wales Group Q4 report, by Chris Gibbard

So the curtain closes on another season of racing.