Constitution, Rules & Regs (2022)

The VTTA is governed by its Constitution, Rules and Regulations which may be amended by proposals to the Annual General Meeting.

The Constitution, Rules & Regulations as updated by the 2022 AGM is available in the Documents section here

The Rules cover the management of the Association, the National Executive, the Financial Year, the Formation of Regional Groups, Subscriptions, Life Membership, and the National Annual General Meeting.

The Regulations are set out as follows:

3.1 Time Trials Regulations

3.2 Regulations for Standard Awards

3.3 Regulation of Age Records

3.4 Regulation for National Championships

3.5 Regulations for the BAR Competition

3.6 Regulations for the Three Distance Competition

3.7 Regulations for the Short Distance Competition

3.8 Entry to, and Claims for, the BAR, Three Distance and Short Distance Competitions

3.9 Meritorious Award

3.10 Bricknell Memorial Award

3.11 Return of Trophies