Time Trials in Scotland

Time Trials in Scotland for VTTA members

There are two governing bodies for time trials in Scotland: Scottish Cycling (SC), which is part of British Cycling, and Cycling Time Trials (CTT). The purpose of this section is to make members aware of points arising from this that are not covered elsewhere on the website.

Events that VTTA members might want to ride in Scotland could be organised within SC or CTT.

SC Events

These are listed in a section of the British Cycling website


SC events will also be shown in a section of the printed British Cycling Race Calendar, which is usually issued three times a year.

Entry to SC events is by the online system or on the day.

Entry to a Scottish Cycling event requires you to have a British Cycling membership of Silver or above or you can pay a day licence fee (£5-10). You do not have to be a member of an affiliated club. For all Scottish Cycling Championships, a day licence is not accepted.

SC has its own Technical Regulations, with important differences concerning clothing and bike dimensions. These can be found at


CTT Events

CTT events in Scotland operate on the same basis and with the same entry arrangements as in England & Wales. The CTT has made specific provision for identifying users of the online system who are VTTA members. SC does not have such a system.

Scotland Group of the VTTA (SVTTA) - special notes

If you ride a Scottish Cycling event and want to include the result for the assessment of your standards awards or National VTTA Season Long Competitions, or VTTA Age Records or any of the Scotland VTTA BAR Championships, please send details in the Scottish Cycling and CTT Club Event Result form at VTTA - Veterans Time Trials Association - Information.to the Scotland Group Recorder.

Scotland Group allows its members to claim standards awards in SC Club events and CTT Type B events. Such events must be run on Type A classified courses and satisfy the Type A timekeeping and recording requirements. Results from such events are not eligible for Season Long Competitions and Records (see regulation 3.2.2). Please send details in the Scottish Cycling and CTT Club Event Result form at VTTA - Veterans Time Trials Association - Information to the Scotland Group Recorder.