If you are over 40, ride a bike and live around Yorkshire then the Yorkshire group may be right for you.

What we do:

  • we organise an annual programme of open events at 10, 15, 25, 30, 50 and 100 miles, and 12 hours as part of the National organisation
  • we award prizes to the open event winners on standard (see below)
  • we award medals to riders bettering their performances on standard in the year
  • we organise an Annual Awards Lunch in January to present them
  • we publish the results and achievements of our riders in the Veteran Magazine

As a VTTA Yorkshire member, you are part of the nationwide VTTA organisation. Members receive the Annual Handbook and the Quarterly magazine “The Veteran”. Members are eligible to take part in VTTA events throughout the country, including the National Championships, and to enter the National Competitions (4 distance, 3 distance and short distance Best All Rounder). The National VTTA organisation maintains a website at www.vtta.org.uk where you can read news and information about its events, competitions and records.


VTTA Age Standards

The major basis of competition in VTTA events is the age standard, this being a unique handicapping system based upon the competitor's age.

A table is published in the National handbook and on the VTTA website, which sets for each distance a standard time (or distance), for each year of age.  The rider's actual performance is then subtracted from their age standard and the result forms their 'plus' (or 'minus' in the circumstances where the standard is less than the actual performance). For example, if a 50 year old male does a time of 1.05.00 at 25 miles against his age standard of 1.08.03 he then would be credited with doing a 'plus' of 3 mins 03 secs. If you are an active competitor, you will probably want to ‘beat your standard’         

The majority of awards in VTTA events are based upon the riders achieving the greatest plus, although there may also be awards for fastest actual time and Age Band awards.

The VTTA collects age, distance and time data in CTT events and uses it to update standards as the performance of the average rider improves over time.

You must enter for standards before competing, by paying the fee of £15. Performances achieved before entry will not qualify.


VTTA events held within the Yorkshire area in 2024 are as follows :-

Sat 2nd March 2024 10M VTTA (Yorkshire), includes tandems - V212

Sat 29th June 2024 10M VTTA (Yorkshire), includes tandems - V210

Sun 30th June 2024 25M 10M VTTA (Yorkshire) - V232

In addition the VTTA National Championship 12 Hour is incorporated in the Vive le Velo (on behalf of Yorkshire DC) 12 Hour on V381 on Sunday 9th June.


VTTA Yorkshire Group Trophies


Trophy Events ( best on standard)

10 miles     Stan Chadwick Memorial Cup

25 miles     Oliver Shield

25 miles     Bernard Wood Memorial Shield  BOS Any Group

50 miles     Yorkshire VTTA Shield

100 miles   Charlie Rice Cup

12hr           John Pickles Cup

24hr           Ken Hartley Cup  (Any event in CTT Handbook)

4 Distance BAR     Oliver Cup

Men’ Short Distance BAR ( formerly used for 3 Distance BAR)   Ron Bailey Shield

Ladies Short Distance BAR      Len Dexter Memorial Cup

Ladies 3 Distance BAR            Harry McKechnie Memorial  (over 10,25 &50 miles)

Ladies 3 Distance BAR            Plaque  (over 25,50 & 100 miles)


Other Awards:

30 miles Bill Broadley Shield ( awarded to any vet from any group on standard)

100 miles  Fred Bottomley Memorial Cup (awarded to fastest Vet Yorkshire Group)

4 Distance BAR  F.B. Wood Memorial Shield ( awarded to fastest Yorkshire Group Vet on Actual)

Meritorious Service Award;    Linley Shield for services to the Yorkshire Group.

Facebook Group

A Facebook group for Yorkshire VTTA members is available https://www.facebook.com/groups/147422405981990/

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