How to join online

When you join the VTTA it will be with one of our Regional Groups. You will typically join the Group that covers your geographical area. Each Group sets its own membership rates, as you'll see when you look at their area of this site. Please decide first which group you wish to join.

Either on the group page or by clicking here you can go to the new members page. On that page there's a dropdown to say which Group you're joining.

While completing your membership details there are 3 items to consider if you intend to race time trials:

1. Do you want to compete for standard awards ? These are awards (medals and plaques) for achieving a target time at different distances. There is an explanatory document in the Documents section here on how to claim a standards award. If so, you should pay to enter for standard awards at the same time as joining.

2. Do you want to be included in our season long competitions ? There are 3 multi-event competitions each season. See the explanation here. Entry to these is free. Once you register by ticking the box for a competition, your registration will be automatically carried forward to following years (unless you then untick the box).

3. If you are racing, you must link your CTT profile with your VTTA profile. This will mean we can automatically identify and transfer your results in CTT events and include them for counting towards your awards and competition entries. This linking is quick and easy, there's a 'how-to' guide here

How to renew online

If you have already registered for the online system (in other words you can log in to the VTTA site at the top-right of this page), click here. if you have not used the online membership system before then first go to the registration page, click here. The system will already have your details so you should be able to just confirm them.

When you renew online don't forget to enter and pay for standard awards if you wish to do so and check that you have ticked the resgistration boxes for the season long competitions that you wish to be entered for.

If you have any problems registering, renewing or anything else with the online system there's a step by step guide here.

How to make amendments to your existing membership

You can change most of your personal details yourself, by logging into your profile. You will need IT assistance for changing from joint membership to single or vice versa. If so please email

If you want to change which Regional Group you're in you need to email the secretaries or membership secretaries of the old and new Group to request the move.

How to join or renew using paper forms

If the online system is not for you, you can download a National Membership Form for England and Wales Groups here (MS Word) or here (PDF), or for Scotland it's here.