It’s nice to see some new names on several of our trophies this year, with some of our prolific previous star riders not competing (or not much).  Still a very successful season for Wessex, therefore I have only been able to include the major achievements in this report. I will in due course issue some form of document detailing all group results.

Firstly, we have two UCI World champions in our group! Angela Carpenter and Sarah Matthews, each won their age group in the UCI Gran Fondo Time Trial World champs in Dundee.  Neil Mackley was 6th in his event, and Lucia Borradaile 4th.


Season-long competitions 

National VTTA BAR – 2 qualifiers, Christian Geldard beat Malcolm Cox to also take the VTTA Wessex BAR.

National 3 distance Comp– 12 qualifiers.  Pete Younghusband 6th Andy Rivett 13th. Claire Emons 2nd woman & Chris Murray 4th.

National S/D BAR best qualifier was Neil Mackley in 6th, Age Adjusted speed 33.07mph, whilst Claire Emons was 11th overall and 2nd woman.

Wessex Women’s BAR over 1x10, 1x25, 1x50 was won by Claire Emons in 2:45:56.

Wessex S/D BAR (17 qualifiers) was won by Neil Mackley in 3:46:58 (Aggregate Age Adjusted time), 2nd was Peter Younghusband with 3:51:07, narrowly beating Claire Emons 3:51:34, with Howard Bayley 4th in 3:54:07.  ..a3crg retained their team title, but with completely different riders to last year!  Neil Mackley, Claire Emons, Howard Bayley.

Claire Emons also won the 2023 South DC Women's BAR and points competitions. Howard Bayley won the men's points competition. 


VTTA and CTT Honours.

  • In the RTTC (CTT) BBAR, Christian Geldard was our highest qualifier in 16th.  In the new shorter-distance BAR over 10 /25/ 50/ 100 miles, Chris Murray was 4th Woman, Claire Emons 5th and Rachel Waite 17th
  • Pete Younghusband had an outstanding season, including winning the VTTA National 100 champs.
  • Malcolm Cox was age group winner RTTC National 12-hour champs 250 miles. (also fastest road bike)
  • Christina Murray was first woman on scratch and standard (for the 3rd time) and 3rd overall in the RTTC /VTTA National 24hour championship, with 465.38 miles, whilst NHRC’s Christian Geldard was 2nd man on standard (5th on scratch), with 478.58 miles.
  • Neil Mackley won his age group in the RTTC National Nat Closed Circuit champs and took bronze in the VTTA National 15 champs.
  • Andy Rivett was age group winner in the RTTC National 100 with 3.47.33, and the 50, in 1:50:19.
  • Christian Geldard was 2nd in age group in the RTTC National 100.
  • Tom Cox was age group winner in the RTTC National Circuit championships.
  • Claire Emons, Angela Carpenter and Chris Murray all won their age group in the CTT road bike champs.
  • Claire Emons won silver in both the VTTA National 15 and 50-mile championships.


Age Records.  Neil Mackley (19:00 age 59) and Angela Carpenter (21:24 age 54) both set VTTA National 10-mile age records, and Christina Murray set a new mark of 465.38 miles in the 24hr.  Norman & Mary set National tandem trike age records at 7 distances including 12hr (some twice!).

In addition to these, there were an additional 22 group age records set by 8 different members.   Neil Mackley, Claire Emons and Lucia Borradaile each set 3 group age records, while Sarah Matthews set records at 10 & 25 miles (the 10-mile she broke 4 times!) Dave England set an age 80 10-mile record and Sid Hygate set an age 85 12hour record.  Paul Jones was unlucky enough to set two group records, both of which were beaten within minutes in the same events!


Wessex champs.

25 – 21st May – 22 Wessex riders.

The promoting club ..a3crg filled the first three places –Neil Mackley 1st. Sarah Matthews  and Claire Emons 3rd. It goes without saying that these three riders won the team award for ..a3crg.

50 – 11th June – 6 Wessex riders.

Andy Rivett (VC St Raphael) won the 50-mile title, ahead of team-mate William Sawyer, with Poole Whs’ Gary Tuskin 3rd. With Stuart Thompson, VC St Raphael also defended their team title.

 10 – 25th June – 18 Wessex riders.

Nigel Pratt and Ian Patterson tied for first place, both achieving a plus of 4.13, with Jake Prior 3rd.  Kirsty McSeveney was 1st lady, and Steve Brown and Mary Corbett won the tandem event.

15 – 15th Aug – 6 Wessex riders.

Neil Mackley (..a3crg) was fastest on standard and on scratch, with Peter Younghusband (Petersfield Triathlon Club) 2nd and Steve Skinner (Southdown Velo) 3rd, just edging out VC St Raphael’s Will Sawyer by 7 seconds.



There were a few problems with the system, however I calculate that 28 members (of the 46 who paid for standards) gained 74 standard awards between them in 2023.

Christian Geldard achieved the very rare (unprecedented?) feat of achieving standard awards at all 8 distances, from 10 miles to 24hrs! 



Well done to our Wessex members for another successful season!


Claire Newman, Wessex Group Recorder.

12th November 2023