VTTA Wessex Group

Membership Secretary’s Report 2023

Despite a general decline in numbers competing in time trials our membership has remained stable.

We have 147 members recorded as “active” (148 in 2022) and (146 in 2021)

Active means that their membership is valid for the year 2023

The statistics are:-

128 paid - 17 HLM - 1 LM - and 1 DLM

Of those there are 4 joint members

21 are Female

As we have lost touch with some of the elderly HLM.s the number may not be a true reflection of their existence.

As in previous years 20 members did not renew. I contacted them all to try to encourage them back but had only limited success.

Fortunately, the “lost” members were offset by 19 newcomers.

Brian (Sid) Hygate and Norman Harvey, joined by David England part-way through the season were the “over 80’s” who competed during the season.

Norman Harvey

October 2023