The VTTA 24 hour National Championship was held the weekend of 22/23 July in Cheshire and Shropshire. The event was part of the world famous Mersey Roads 24, alias the RTTC 24 hour National Championship. Conditions were tough - it rained heavily for half the event from 3pm to 4am and the riders had to follow a hillier route because part of the usual course was unavailable. All the riders are to be congratulated on completing this gruelling event. Special congratulations go to the Men's Champion Robbie Mitchell and the Women's Champion Chris Murray, and to runners up Christian Geldard, Doug Hart and Joanna Cebrat. 

This year results are on Age Adjusted Distance (AAD), measured in miles. This is the actual distance age adjusted to 40

Men's final results:

Pos Rider Age Club Group AAD Distance
1 Robbie Mitchell 42 Auchencrow Thistle CC Scotland 524.79 519.37
2 Christian Geldard 48 North Hampshire RC Wessex 500.95 478.69
3 Doug Hart 50 Ilkley CC Yorkshire 491.13 462.91
4 Greg Elwell 49 VTTA (Yorkshire) Yorkshire 485.20 459.99
5 Andrew Askwith 58 Vive Le Velo Yorkshire 484.49 429.69
6 Nigel Briggs 62 South Pennine RC East Midlands 457.00 386.83
7 Adam Rogers 48 Eastbourne Rovers CC Surrey/Sussex 440.81 418.55
8 Angus Swanson 55 Stirling Bike Club Scotland 414.87 370.62
9 Philip Jones 64 Peterborough CC East Anglian 407.62 329.15
10 Roger Squire 54 Fibrax Wrexham RC Merseyside 388.06 347.16
11 Rob Rix 75 Southport CC North Lancashire & Lakes 382.36 249.55
12 Jez Willows 58 Sherwood CC East Midlands 380.64 325.84
13 Geraint Catherall 49 Anfield BC Merseyside 328.58 303.37

Women's final results

Pos Rider Age Club Group AAD Distance
1 Chris Murray 46 Army Cycling Wessex 521.35 465.38
2 Joanna Cebrat 44 360cycling  Manchester & North West 470.31 419.23

The Yorkshire team of Doug Hart, Greg Elwell and Andrew Askwith won the Group competition with an AAD of 1460.82 miles.
There was no club team of VTTA members.

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A full report will be published in the next Veteran.