A Draft list (just in case there are any errors!) of LHC 2021 Trophies is detailed below.

These trophies will be presented at the Annual LHC Luncheon, where photos of the riders with the trophies can be taken.  The riders cannot keep the physical trophy for the year, but instead they are presented with a Salver to keep and put on their mantlepiece.  If you do not have  mantlepiece you will need to get one built, so time to plan ahead.

Trophies Rider Actual/Plus Club Date
Dick Goodman Cup
Best 10 on Standard
Dena Ford 8:06 High Wycombe CC 16/05/2021
Don Byham Cup
Second Best on Standard in the May Bank Holiday 10
Alan Murchison 7:40 Drag2Zero 16/05/2021
Russ Cup
Best 25 on Standard
Claire Emons 19:29 Newbury RC 29/08/2021
Arthur Wilkins 25 Trophy
Fastest 25 of the Season
Liam Maybank 49:20 Twickenham CC 13/06/2021
The Robinson Trophy
Best 30 on Standard
Jim Moffatt 19:45 CC Luton 01/05/2021
Tom Drew Medallion
Fastest 50 of the Season
Michael  Parker 1:48:24 TMG Horizon Cycling Team 13/06/2021
Charlie Cole Cup
Best 50 on Standard
Claire Emons 37:56 Newbury RC 18/07/2021
Laurie Dixon Bowl -
Fastest 100  of the Season
Peter Richards 3:51:28 Icknield RC 04/09/2021
Members' Cup
Best 100 on Standard
Peter Richards 1:05:56 Icknield RC 04/09/2021
Ladies 100m Cup
Fastest Women 100 of the Season
Judy Reid 4:40:55 Icknield RC 04/09/2021
Mal Rees Shield
Best 12 Hour on Standard
Stuart Birnie          80.19 Willesden CC 01/08/2021
24HR Perpetual Award
Best 24 Hour on Standard
No Winner      
Mae and Dolf Lang Medallion
WBAR (Women) On Standard (10/25/50)
Claire Emons 58:17 Newbury RC Various
BAR Founders Trophy
Best All-rounder Competition On Standard (10/25/50/100)
Peter Richards 1:00:25 Icknield RC Various
Screwed Down Trophy
BAR Runner-up (Men) On Standard
Simon Bowller 42:01 Berkenhamshire CC Various
Jim Burgin Award (1st) Michael Parker 57:39 TMG Horizon Cycling Team Rode 4 of 6 events
Jim Burgin Award (2nd) Matthew Reader 55:15 Verulam CC Rode 4 of 6 events
Jim Burgin Award (3rd) Joy Payne 47:28 High Wycombe CC Rode 4 of 6 events
The Rocco Trophy Gareth Williams 51:00 Twickenham CC 19/09/2021


Although there are no specific trophies or awards for the following complementary achievements, they become self evident whilst sorting out the winner above, so are worth detailing rthem nonetheless.

Other Achivements Rider Actual/Plus Club Date
Fastest 10 of the Season Mark Jones 18:59 Drag2Zero 18/07/2021
Fastest 15 of the Season Liam Maybank 29:59 Twickenham CC 22/08/2021
Best 15 on Standard Liam Maybank 10:19 Twickenham CC 22/08/2021
Fastest 30 of the Season Matthew Reader 1:04:33 Verulum CC 01/05/2021
Best Women 100 on Standard Judy Reid 51:33 Icknield RC 04/09/2021
Furthest 12 Hour Stuart Birnie        299.22 Willesden CC 01/08/2021
Furthest 24 Hour of the Season No Winner      



19 Nov 2021