Please note: Groups have maintained age records for different lengths of time and not all historic group records may be present. Age records have been automated from the 2023 season. If you identify any missing records (or records you wish to query) then please contact your Group Recorder. 

Name Age Year Club Course Event Distance/Time Record
Bronwen Ewing 50 2016 Trainsharp RT V718 VTTA (Yorkshire) 10 Mile 00:20:34
Carole Gandy 51 1996 San Fairy Ann C C 10 Mile 00:22:08
Carole Gandy 61 2005 Kent Cycles R C Q10/19 10 Mile 00:22:09
Carole Gandy 66 2010 Kent Cycles R C 10 Mile 00:22:21
Carole Gandy 67 2011 Kent Cycles R C V718 Yorkshire Velo 10 Mile 00:22:28
Carole Gandy 68 2012 Kent Cycles R C V718 Team Swift 10 Mile 00:23:51