It has been 12 months since we were in touch with Dr Wasim Javed about the VENTOUX Study, designed to find out more about the structure of the heart and its performance amongst older athletes and specifically cyclists. To recap:

The VENTOUX study is a new, exciting study which is being conducted at the University of Leeds, with funding from the British Heart Foundation.  This research is the first of its kind and importantly aims to reduce cardiac events in those who exercise frequently.  Sudden cardiac death is a tragic event and this research will provide valuable new knowledge in this important preventative area.  It involves investigating the structure and function of the heart muscle in endurance veteran athletes and correlating this with abnormal heart rhythms, which can be dangerous.

The study has now been completed, using a significant number of VTTA volunteers as participants, and the report was recently presented at a major international conference of cardiologists in Athens. Wasim now updates:

"Some great news- we recently won the Young Investigator Award at ESC Preventative Cardiology 24 in Athens for the VENTOUX study. It is a highly prestigious award and the study was said to be arguably one of the most impressive and most important for Sports Cardiology that has ever been conducted in veteran athletes”

I thought I would share the good news so you could thank all those involved. I also made special thanks to the VTTA during my presentation as I am very grateful for your support."

Congratulations to Dr Javed and his colleagues in Leeds; we hope to be able to help in future research.