Next week is the last chance for people who have not yet ridden to be able to complete the required four events to score overall!

Some great racing in the fourth event in the Zwift 10 mile winter league last night with 139 total entries and 61 VTTA riders finishing. Fastest actual time was, again, Rachael Elliott on 20.38 who was putting out the sort of W/kg that I do when doing 10 sec efforts during warm up (on a good day).

Joint equal second were Kev Fowler and Gavin Lancaster on 21.00. Fastest on AAT was Rachael on 17.47 with second going to Judy Brown on 19.07 and Kev third on 19.15.

As we have now had four events there are 26 riders vying for the overall best riders (best four events to score on AAT) early leaders are Kev Fowler (West) 1.17.17, second Liz Ball (Scotland) on 1.20.36 and Malcolm Cox (Wessex) on 1.21.57. As a further 19 riders have done three events, next weeks’ times will be interesting to see.

Particularly pleasing was to see three National committee members riding – Mark Bradley (Vice Chairman and Excel wizard extraordinaire who does all the number crunching) who has completed all four events, Rachael Elliott (National Secretary) and Ian Greenstreet (Records and Awards secretary).

Round 4 times:

Series to date (qualifiers so far only):