With the season well underway this is a good time to take a look at how our Season Long Competitions are shaping up.

The Short Distance Competition (2*10, 2*25 miles) is already shaping up to be very competitive again in the Open classification. Peter Greenwood has the early lead with an age adjusted average speed of 32.231 including a 21.09 actual for a 10 at age 72. Richard Oakes is not far behind on 32.204mph with two 18 minute 10s and a sub 50 minute 25 mile ride at age 55. Mike Westmoreland is currently third on 31.859mph. In the female classification Linda Dewhurst has a good lead having ridden two 22 minute 10s, and two 58 minute 25s at age 65. Sarah Matthews is in second place with 30.923mph and Deborah Hutson-Lumb third with 30.484mph.

In the Three Distance Competition (1*25, 1*50, 1*100 miles) Mick Stevens, having shown his form by winning our 30 mile championship, is the early Open classification leader with 31.380mph. Second is Anthony Jones (30.546mph) and third Karl Norris (30.260mph). In the female classification Claire Emons has already put in some strong performances to lead with 29.414mph ahead of Christina Murray (29.005mph) and Kimberley Barfoot-Brace (28.660mph).

With riders have already completed a 12 hour in June by riding the VTTA National Championship in Yorkshire there a now a few with a full set of qualifying rides for the BAR (1*25, 50, 100 miles and 12 hour). Gretchen Zoeller is the only female to do so and therefore leads with 24.553mph. Malcom Cox leads the Open classification with 28.522mph but Peter Tomlin is not far behind on 28.293mph, having ridden an impressive 253 miles at age 67 at the 12 championship.

You can see all the current positions on the website by clicking on the Competitions tab and the Individual results and then entering the appropriate parameters for display.