The VTTA website provides the CK editor for creating and editing content, e.g News articles, About information. See CK editor. A summary of the commands is provided below.

Text body

Develop your document in Word and then select, copy and paste by Ctrl-V into the text body. Tables are preserved. If there is any problem with submittiing the item you have a backup of your content.

You should review the content and insert line breaks where needed - sometimes these are lost whe copying and pasting from other document types, such as pdfs.

Toolbar tips

The spell checker button in the toolbar does not work - it causes the editor to hang so  don't use it. Spell check in Word first.

Use the link button to insert URLs

Use the anchor button to insert a place you want people to hyperlink to directly by ending the URL with #anchor_name.

Use the picture button to insert an image. After you have selected and image to upload, click "send it the server". You can set the size of the image and align it.



Use the table button to insert a table. You can type in the text after inserting it. Put a blank line after each table.

Table example
Test Test





Use the insert horizontal line button to separate sections.

Use the insert special character button to insert characters like ©

Use the maximise button to make the editing area fill the entire screen of the browser.

Use the source button to edit the HTML if you are so way inclined.

Select the bold, italic, strikethough and remove format buttons to alter your text attributes.

  1. Type your text and eslect it and use the number list button for a numbered list
  • Type your text and select and use the bulleted list button

Click the block quote button to get text like this 

Click the styles button and set the style and then type, or select your text and set the style afterwards. This is typewriter style.

Click the normal button to change the style back to normal style.

Click the question button to get help on the editor - it's called the CKEditor.

Toolbar bottom line

Shows the atttributes of the selected text, e.g. body p


Leave Sticky unticked unless you want your news item to persist.

Set the Group to National for the item to appear in the National News page or select your group if you want the item to appear in your Group news page.

About tips

If you have a lot of content in your about page, make the subsection headings into anchors so people can jump straight to the seciton rather going to the page and having to scroll, e.g