Results of Round 1 of the Zwift TT League from last night. Report by Steve Jenks:

Well, that was a pleasant surprise – I hoped for 100 entries and got 185. Of these 112 made the starting line and finished.

Note that the AATs are slightly different to the VHT column in ZwiftPower which use old values. Also the AAT tables may be slightly updated by the end of the series, but the current tables will be used throughout.

Fastest male on actual was Kev Fowler (West) with a frisky 21.11 , with fastest female Dena Ford (London & HC) 18th overall on 23.37. The same two riders were first and second on age-adjusted on 19.26 and 19.35 respectively.

There were 58 current VTTA members, with two more lapsed and two who could not be identified in the membership list. Anyone missing from the results for whatever reason (as long as they do show on Zwiftpower) can email and he will investigate. He can also add anyone who didn’t put their VTTA number in Zwiftpower as a one off as this was the first event. Massive thanks to Vice-Chairman Mark Bradley who wrote a far more elegant spreadsheet than I can and who processed all of the results within three hours of the race start. There was a good spread of areas represented - East Anglian 5, East Midlands 5, Kent 3, London & Home Counties 6, Manchester & North West 7, Merseyside 2, Midlands 3, North 1, North Lancashire & Lakes 3, Scotland 6, Wessex 7, West 4, and Yorkshire 6.

Finally, thanks to all who rode on a chilly evening out in the desert – see you all same place and time next week – and spread the word – seven more events to go, best four to count.