A release has just been made that fixes the problem that caused us to suspend the standards awards system. You can now continue claiming standards awards.You will see that the order button has disappeared. When you click on a claim the baseline is updated and a medal icon appears where the order button was. An order is automatically placed. You may see the word plaque instead of medal next to the icon – ignore this difference. 

Apologies for the suspension. The deadline for claims awards his now November 7. If you miss the deadline, you should contact your group recorder direct. While the claim button may still be available to you after the deadline, the group recorder may have already sent his group order to our medal and plaque supplier, which he has to do soon to get them made before your group awards event.

You may have been expecting to claim but see no claim buttons! This is probably because your group recorder has already claimed on your behalf. You can see this happened if your baseline is showing results from 2023.