Update 29th February 2024. The TT Event Tool v5-R1 has been updated for 2024 standards and the classification attribute: open or female. It will still work with pre-2024 ctt files that use gender instead of classification. The guide has been updated with advice on how to get results from finish line to the HQ and internet.

The TT Event Tool is an Excel application for organisers to help them prepare startsheets and produce results for time trial events. It calculates results for bike, trike, solo and tandem, club and group, scratch and standard (plus and age adjustment), and age band (which is configurable). It also shows road bikes in the results.

You can download all the files from here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jqybe7ayhm0ont8/AADv1kPhMyFsBcPZ7BS2Fz6Ta?dl=0

To get started, read the basic mode guide and try the example. If you  want to get a full understanding of the tool’s capabilities, read the user guide and work through the tutorials. There are guides to using QR codes and Twitter for results publication.

While there are many tools available for processing results, this is the only tool I know of which provides the functionality organisers need for processing entry lists and start sheets as well as results. You can generate a start sheet from an entry list quickly with a few clicks.


Here is a comment from John Allen of Redmon CC: "I used the TT Event Tool for the Redmon open 10 in May, and found it easy to use, very useful and an absolute time saver! I do hope that you will continue to maintain and develop it, as I am sure that many event organisers will benefit."

I would be grateful for all your feedback. From now on it’s comment from users that will drive its evolution.

Jon Fairclough itmanager@vtta.org.uk