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Published by National Chairman on 28th Feb 2017

The web site is being updated with a change of Webmaster. For the latest news and for an application form, please go to the VTTA page on Facebook. This message posted by Jim Burgin who is currently responsible for the Facebook page but has no other official role.


Published by National Chairman on 16th Jan 2017

Event Secretary/Organisers Training Course, Saturday, 18 February 2017 10 am to 4pm

The London and Home Counties Group has some long serving members who have organised events for many years but have now had to give up. There was a shortage of volunteers to take over running the Group’s events this year. The Group Committee has resolved to run a training day for anyone who is interested in “giving back” something to the sport by being trained as an event secretary. We also need new timekeepers so experienced timekeepers will be on hand to explain what they do.

The course is free. In fact there will get a free lunch and travel expenses to the venue (Bird’s Hill Golf Centre, near Maidenhead SL6 3ST). The course is sponsored by the CTT, the VTTA National Committee and the VTTA London and Home Counties Group.

Apart from a 15 minute introduction there will no lectures but instead topics will be covered by a panel of experienced officials who will be questioned by a professional questioner. Trainees will be able (and encouraged) to participate in the questioning. A full pack of documentation will be distributed. The CTT website will be demonstrated, including how to build a start list as well as the nuts and bolts of notifying all concerned. A check list of actions and timeline for doing everything will be supplied.

We are aiming for approximately 10 volunteers (trainees) so the course will offer a great opportunity to participate and everyone will get personal attention! There will be five experienced officials/timekeepers/marshals throughout the day and for lunch and in the afternoon session we will be joined by five more so that each trainee can have their own mentor to help them build up the confidence to run an event.

The course will open to any VTTA London and Home Counties Group member but also any member of a CTT affiliated club in the London North or London West CTT Districts whether or not a VTTA member.

Contact the undersigned by email/phone to book your place or for more information.

David Guy

Chairman, VTTA LHC Group

Email: ovcyclingclub@hotmail.co.uk

Mobile: 07711697900