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National Championship Conditions

Published by National Chairman on 20th May 2015

At the AGM in 2011, the National Committee were instructed to form a sub-committee with the mandate to consider the VTTA Standards and to report back to the 2012 AGM with proposals for their amendment.

After a year of considerable research and consideration, together with a Special General Meeting of the membership, the sub-committee presented a proposed revision of the standard tables at the AGM in 2012, these were adopted by the meeting with 23 votes in favour and 2 against.

After a year’s experience of the new tables, Steve Lockwood and other members of the sub-committee, put forward suggested amendments to the standard tables. The National Committee put these proposals before the AGM in 2013 and they were adopted unanimously.

At the same meeting, delegates voted to remove the rule requiring members to complete the section relating to VTTA membership and best standard from the CTT entry form when entering VTTA events. Age bands and awards for Ladies were removed as was an award for fastest. The meeting also carried a proposal that the word ‘Ladies’ would be changed to ‘Women’ throughout references in the rules and in awards.

Thus the VTTA voted overwhelmingly to set standards for time trials, regardless of sex and age. Every entrant in a VTTA event would become equal. Selection of entrants would of course be based on standard performance at the distance entered – actual time became irrelevant. The CTT requirement of 20% preference for women did not therefore apply and the inclusion of ‘SC’ emphasised it.

Changes made at the 2015 AGM included the fact that Championships at 10, 25, 30 and 50 miles would be promoted by the National Committee and would be open to VTTA members only. In the ‘new’ circumstances, this decision was slightly modified by the generous offer from Mike Williams to promote the 10. However, the rulings still apply.


London Group's Bank Holiday 10

Published by National Editor & Advertising Secretary on 9th May 2015

Jim Moffatt, with a plus of 7:27 was a clear winner of the Don Byham Memorial 10 which was held on the favoured F11/10 Course at Tring on Bank Holiday Monday, 4 May. Ian Greenstreet from the Newbury Road Club and at 51, seven years younger than Jim, was second with a plus of 6:51. The fastest on the day was Peter Lawrence but he had to settle for third, at 43 too young to take the premier spot.

A particular feature of the event is that the trophy goes to the second on Standard (as long as he or she is from the London Group). This because Don Byham, 40 odd years ago, was always second thus it was Ian who gets him name into the record book.

Danuta Tinn won the award for the fairer sex (+6:17) and the VC 10 took the team prize. A just reward for Greg Lewis who was the Event Secretary and the second counter in the team of three.

Greg designed the F11/10 course which has the reputation of being able to produce the fastest times in the south of England and, as a consequence, provides a promoter with a difficult task, having to deal with an excess entry on almost all occasions.

London Group extend sincere thanks to Greg and to the team he gathered around him on a day notable for producing a string of personal bests: a pity that a particular web site caused some upset (let that be a lesson to us all).

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