We still have 12 tickets left for Dr Gordon Wrights talk on the 30th January so the Midlands VTTA are now opening up the invitation to all VTTA members. 

So if you would like to attend the talk  please contact Magaret on the emial shown below to secure your place which will be awarded on a first come first served basis.


On Sunday the 30th January the Midlands VTTA will be hosting a talk by Dr Gordon Wright MBA  PhD MRSC CChem, Level 4 ABCC Coach , Fellow member of the ABCC , Licensed British Cycling Performance Coach on Nutritional and Exercise Strategies  to Protect & Strengthen Aging Skeletal Muscle ,   emerging research outcomes and lessons for mature sportsmen and women.  

I was lucky enough to see Gordon present his work 4 years ago at the Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC) conference and the information presented changed the way I now look at life, as well as my training.  He outlines the natural processes that society faces as we get older and what we can do to slow, and in some cases halt the aging process, keeping us more mobile and most importantly independent as we all grow old.  His research has developed further still over the last 4 years and I am excited to hear his latest findings.

For those who do not know Gordon he is a lifelong competitive cyclist, who over the past 40-years has coached riders (Nicole Cooke, Stuart Dangerfield, Peter Keen (as a junior) to success at the Olympics, World Championships and Commonwealth Games, as well multiple national championships.  Gordon research has continued over the last 2 years and his finding and results have expanded further still, so I am excited to learn from him some new tools/rules that I can apply myself as a cyclist and share with the riders I coach, club mates, friends and family.

This presentation aims to look at :

What happens to skeletal muscle as we age , What we can do about the adverse effects, if anything, to stack the odds in our favour as mature athletes on bikes.     Well look at what the serious research literature tells us and what we can deduce from both empirical evidence and research outcomes.  In particular the presentation will  focus on  how skeletal muscle responds to proteins and exercise modes in particular. And how we need to overcome anabolic resistance and insulin resistance to hold on to athletic performance as long as possible. We’ll also briefly examine how neuromuscular change impacts on muscle structure and performance  


  • Changes in skeletal muscle size and structure as we age.


  • The role of dietary proteins.


  • Age related neuro-muscular changes which impact on athletic  performance


  • What can be done to slow or even possibly reverse skeletal muscle decline.


  • Implications for training the mature athlete.


The talk will take place at the Kings Court Hotel Alcester B49 5QQ

10:00   Coffee and tea

10:15      Talk by Dr Gordon Wright “Protect and Strengthen Ageing Skeletal Muscles”

12:45      (for 13:15) 2 course lunch followed by prize presentation.

Menu      Roast Beef/vegetarian option, Apple crumble, Coffee & mints

Tickets    Contact:  margaret.colburn@martley.org

   Talk only       £  7:50

   Lunch only    £17:50

   Both              £20:00

   By bank Xfer to VTTA Midlands Group Bank Code 40-42-12 Acc. 31300245


1) for morning talk only

2) for lunch only (state beef or veggie)

3) for both (state beef or veggie)


Tickets for the talk have been limited to 35 to ensure social distancing can be maintained in the hall

Alastair Semple