Despite the cold and wind, some of our regular group record breakers are setting news marks in 2021, of course subject to ratification.

Joy Payne (64) has set age records at 25m and 30m (1:17:13 on the F2/30 1st May).  Interestingly Joy has ridden 4 events this year and covered all the four different distances from 10m to 30m - very neat.  So only 50m, 100m, 12 hour and 24 hour to get the full set.

Ian Greenstreet and Rachael Elliot (100, but no card from the Queen) have set a group and national record at 30m on the F2/30 in the recent Leo 30 event. This is a new distance event on the F2 course, because of the roadworks on the usual E2, so has plenty of turns (6?) which are not ideal for a tandem.


4 May 2021