Having marshalled, ridden and fallen off, at a couple of CC Breckland events recently, I am aware of a few national age records which have been set, subject to the all important ratification process.  So forms still need to be completed and submitted to Group recorders etc.


CC Breckland 50m 15 August 2020 - warm, drizzling/rain with a gentle NW breeze

3 solo records, 1 tandem record and at least 3 tumbles at the Mulbarton turn due to the greasy conditions

Jackie Field (EA) 55yo 1:51:27

Andrew Grant (EA) 67yo 1:45:56

David Hargreaves (NL&L) 73yo 1:52:24 (but this does not count as a NL&L group record)

Ian Greenstreet & Rachael Elliott (L&HC) 98yo 1:37:47 Mixed tandem (which is also Competition Record)


CC Breckland 12 hour 2 August 2020 - warm, sunny with a gentle SW breeze

David Shepherd (WSX) 59yo 293.76 miles

Adam Broyad & Tim Bayley (KNT) 90yo Tandem 300.11 miles


Well done to all these serial offenders. Both these courses use the A11 which now benefits from 3-drive-throughs (McDonald's, Costa & Gregg's!) at the Snetteron turn, if ever you need a good excuse to try out this  DC course.