Joe Costello Midlands VTTA most decorated rider in 2019

The Midlands VTTA most decorate members in 2019 were Fenella Brown - Beacon Roads CC and Joe Costello Walsall Roads CC seen above receiving one of their many awards from Tim Wood 

All awards and presentations made by Tim Wood of Echelon Cycles, sponsor of the Midlands VTTA Points Series Competition and Bob Fanks Midlands VTTA Competitions Secretary


A minimum of four open events on Midlands K courses must be ridden to qualify: the six best rides score.



Points Winners:                                                                                        

1        David Kiernan         Race Rapid                                                    

2        Jon Howard             Team Echelon                                                  

3        David Dickerson    Team Echelon                                                 

4        Jon Simpkins           Drag 2 Zero                                                 

5        Joseph Costello       Walsall Roads CC                                           

6        Simon Garrett         Team Echelon                                                   

7        John Lucock           Born2Bike – Bridgtown Cycles                                       

8        Richard Coleman     Stourbridge Velo                                          

9        Simon Adcook        Team Bottrill - Vanguard                              

10      Edward Priddy        Solihull CC                                                                         

Best Improvement:                                                                         

Bob Lane                           Leamington C & AC                                

Best Team of Four

Team Echelon                 Jon Howard                                                    

                                           Dave Dickerson                                               

                                           Simon Garrett                                             

                                           David Evans       


There are 33 Standard Awards to be collected by 13 people: two more awards than last year, but the same number of people.


            David Steel                               Plaque 10m; 15m; 25m; 50m

            Roger Foster                             Plaque  10m; 15m; 25m: 50m

            Fenella Brown                          Plaque  10m; 15m; 25m: 50m

            Andrew Simpkins                     Plaque  25m; 50; 100m

            Mac Timmis TRIKE                 Plaque  10m; 15m; 25m

            Norman Fenn TRIKE               Plaque  10m; 15m; 25m

            Tim May                                  Medals 10m; 25m & 2nd place PLAQUE in short distance competition

            Alastair Semple                        Medals 50m; 100m & 3rd place PLAQUE in short distance competition

                                                                              & 2nd place PLAQUE in three distance competition

Garry Shuker                            Medals 30m; 50m

Murray Kirton TANDEM         Medals 15m; 50m

Vince Jenkins                           Medal  15m

Susan Semple                           Medal  15m

Jon Howard                              Medal   10m                                                                                          

First ~ Stand-alone trophies, then those winning single trophies and then those winning multiple trophiesTROPHIES

Trophy                       Awarded for                          Winner

Mary White Plate          Female services to Mids VTTA             Jan Ford

Martin Ellis Plate          Male services to Mids VTTA                David Steel

Harry Farrell Shield        Greatest club support to Mids VTTA       Solihull CC. ~ 25 points Steve Jenks to receive


Single trophy winners

Williams Rose Bowl           BOS men VTTA Mids “10”              David Kiernan ~ Race Rapid    +6.36 (19.55)

Birks Cup                             BOS Stafford R.C. “10”                     Juhn Lucock B2B/Bridgetown Cycles    +5.39

Wells Cup                            BOS men Mids CTT “50”                 Philip Brown ~ Walsall Roads C.C.   +31.57

Massie Plate                        Rider BOS aged 65 and over             Bob Awcock ~ Born to Bike/Bridgtown Cycles  ~ +21.02  in four featured events     

Victory Cup                         BOS women Mids CTT “50”            Fenella Brown ~ Beacon Roads C.C.   +16.38                                                              


Multiple trophy winners

Susan Semple ~ Born to Bike/Bridgtown Cycles

Bayliss Cup                         Women’s short distance BAR ~ +58.32 BOS across any two open 10 and 25 mile events

Bart Cup                                BOS women VTTA Mids “10 +5.26 (23.55)

Simon Adcock – Team Bottrill

Stokes Cup                          Actual Fastest Mids CTT “50”         Simon Adcook ~ Team Bottrill   1.51.35

Nomads Cup                        Rider BOS aged under 50                 Simon Adcook ~ Team Bottrill-Vanguard ~ +31.44

Joseph Costello ~ Walsall R.C.

Billy Steer Cup                   BOS men VTTA “Club open” “25” Joseph Costello ~ Walsall Roads C.C.    +13.26

Jones Cup                            BOS aged 50 to 64                              Joseph Costello ~ Walsall R.C.  +   56:14  in four featured events

Cyclo Shield                        BAR – men and women ~                 Joseph Costello ~ Walsall R.C.  +53.53 & 1st place PLAQUE          across any open 25, 50 and 100 miles

Godiva Cup                          Men’s short distance BAR                Joseph Costello ~ Walsall R.C. +1.06.59 & 1st place PLAQUE         BOS across any two open 10 and two open 25 miles                                                                  

Les Lowe Trophy               Greatest distance in open events       Joseph Costello ~ Walsall R.C. with 165 miles. on K courses