Held on 10 November 2019 at Goostrey Village Hall




17 People were in attendance at the above meeting with apologies from a further 10 members.


Minutes from the 2018 AGM were approved and there were no matters arising.


  The reports from Secretary, Recorder, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor 

            These were read out and copies of the reports were circulated at the meeting

            . - see attached


  Election of officers for 2019/20


         The following positions were elected unopposed -

                          President _ Jim Ogden

Chair – Tony Farrell            

Secretary – Nev Ashman

Treasurer – Edgar Reynolds 

Recorder – Dave Wright    

News Editor – Ken Workman

                     together with Wilf Lewis. 


         Appointment of Auditors

           As the Treasurer maintained a running balance verified by current bank statements          it was decided that there was no need for an external auditor. 

         The Chair had consulted the National Treasurer who agreed that this was quite acceptable.



         Agreed delegates for:

           (a) National AGM – Tony Farrell, David Wright, Edgar Reynolds.        

           (b) CTT – Dave Wright, Tony Farrell

           (c) M&DTTA – Ian & Mavis Ross


         Time Trialling Events



            Many thanks to Roy Deakin who ran our Group 10. Thanks also to Dave Wright,

          Phil Robinson and Charles Carraz who ran a joint 50 and two joint 25s on our behalf. 

            All events were successful but not all without problems, once again emphasizing the 

            unenvious position organisers can find themselves in. 

             The Chairman stated that the event organisers would welcome any assistance from 

            VTTA members particularly for the Janus event.



            April 9th         West Lancs                          10       J2/3    Dave Trippier

            May 28th        Warrington RC                     50       J4/16  David Wright

            June 8th          Janus RC                              25       J2/9    Phil Robinson

            July 27th         Seamons CC                                   25       J2/9    Charles Caraz

          Contact details as per CTT Handbook



            Any other relevant business


   Prize Awards System

The Chair, Tony Farrell, reported that following the decline in membership over the past 

 years, the committee have been discussing ways of attracting new members.

Last season we gave additional prizes to our members in the piggy backed events.

This next season we were hoping to utilise the M&D TTA Points series for a members’

 only prize system. In order to examine the practicalities of this idea, Ian Ross will send us a 

 copy of the points allocation list,  On receipt of these details the committee will meet to 

 discuss the feasibility  of this proposal.

  Date of the AGM 2019.

Mike Cotgreave stated that as our meeting always coincided with the Remembrance

 Sunday Services would it be desirable to change the date so that members can attend 

 both if they wished. The Chair said that this would be taken into consideration for next year.


Further to Item regarding Prize Awards System above, a subsequent Committee Meeting was held on the 14 November 2019 when it was decided that a new competition would be introduced for our Group Members.

This competition would be known as the President’s  Award and it will be based on the VTTA Standard Times (BoS) over the four events listed in Time Trialling Events above.  The awards will be divided into 5 year age groups with medals or certificates awarded to the first 3 BoS within these age groups.

Tony Farrell will write the publicity material, which will then go to the M&DTTA for publishing in their Handbook, on flyers for distribution and in our Group Website and hopefully the CTT Manchester District Website. Ken Workman to also include details of this new competition in his submission to the Veteran Magazine.


The AGM is held a couple of weeks before the annual Presentation Lunch and this year was no exception and again it was the core group of the committee that organised and managed it.

Numbers were slightly down as a few of the regulars were indisposed as a result of hospital stays and personal issues. Fifty-three people, however, managed to arrive at the Middlewich Masonic Hall for another sample of Cath Bell’s excellent Christmas fare.Good quality food well cooked and plenty of it, is a sure fire way of making people happy.

Derek Hodgins made a welcome return to the guest list as raffle manager in chief and winner of two standard awards and an age record.

The bulk of our awards go to the relatively younger but very fast age group between 45 and 55 years.

Main man this year, as the previous year, was Ade Hughes, Seamons CC. With a clutch of shields and cups together with some retrospective and current record claims.

Darren Maironis completed another successful and fast season, together with Alan Chorley, over the shorter distance competitions.

Full details of the awards are shown later.

Ian Peacock picked up the most attractive award, the coveted Lamp Trophy, and accepted his prize with an explanation of the origins of “Lanterne Rouge”, well if he was to be believed!!!

Trophy Winners 2019



25-mile Championship Cup

Darren Maironis

Memorial Handicap Shield                

Alan Roberts

ES(Ted) Ward Memorial Championship Cup            

Darren Maironis

BAR Championship Bert Starkey Shield           

Adrian Hughes

Stan Livingston Memorial Trophy Cup    

Adrian Hughes

3 Distance Competition Championship Cup


Adrian Hughes

3 Distance Watterson Team Shield   

Seamons CC Alan Chorley Adrian Hughes

Local Courses 3 Distance Shield

Adrian Hughes

Lamp Trophy                                       

Ian Peacock

Short Distance Trophy

Alan Chorley

FTA Trophy                                        

Darren Maironis



In addition to the competition awards, there were 28 successful standard claims presented with two recipients being in their 80s, and long might they continue.