Now that the National VTTA website ( is now up and running you have access to a lot of information, including a news page included in the London & Home Counties pages. You can also renew membership on the website and prospective members can apply through the site too. You can check that all of your details are correct too.


Last year the L & HC group ran a successful training course for prospective event organisers, this year we’re concentrating on timekeepers.


Training of Timekeepers

The Group needs more timekeepers.  So for the events on 31 May and 9 August, both 10s on the H10/2 with HQ at Knowl Hill, training will be offered to those interested in becoming official timekeepers.  The very experienced timekeepers at those events (Alan Hodgson, Mick Fountain) and our President Jim Burgin will be available to explain to a small group how it is done, to lend appropriate devices and give practical experience in timing a live event.  Those interested will meet before the event in a local pub where the Group will provide lunch and they will have an explanation of what is needed. Then the trainees will accompany the finish timekeeper, sit at the finish (a short distance away from the official timekeeper so there is no cheating!) and practice recording actual times. After the event these will be compared with the official times.

We are very keen to hear of anyone who may be interested in helping the group increase the number of timekeepers, please contact our chairman David Guy [] or 07711697900 as soon as possible.

Marshalls/Helpers Always Needed

Anyone who can help to marshal at any of our events are asked to contact the relevant event organiser or the Group secretary as soon as possible. I realise that the first event is only a week away but if you’re free on Bank Holiday Monday then the group needs all the help it can get for the event we’re organising. Geoff Perry (the organiser) has 150 riders for the 10 mile National VTTA Championship, and there’s an overflow event with a further 90 riders. All helpers/marshals  will receive a £30 contribution towards their expenses. You can let me know (07717 086 689) or direct to Geoff Perry (07808 839811 or 07808 905879).


All of our promotions are included at the end of this message. For most of the events all helpers and marshals will be awarded a free prize giving luncheon (held in January) ticket or a contribution towards their expenses. Please let me know if you can help at any of the events.


We have had a volunteer since the AGM to help with organising the trophies for the annual prize-giving. Geir Robinson intends to get the engraving up to date on all the trophies and if things go well the trophies presented at the Luncheon will be fully engraved. However, his details are wrong in the national handbook. Please delete any details you have and substitute the following for Geir,                      07557 398469



Hope you all have a good season




John Hoskins Secretary London & Home Counties VTTA


VTTA London & Home Counties 2018 TT Promotions


Monday               7th May (Bank Holiday)                   10m       12pm     F11/10                  Geoff Perry

This event will be the VTTA National Championship 10 mile


Thursday             31st May                                               10m       2pm       H10/2                    David Guy


Sunday                 15th July                                                10m       8am       F11/10                  David Guy


Thursday             9th August                                            10m       2pm       H10/2                    Phil Melville


Saturday              25th August                                        15m       2pm       H15/1                    c/o Ian Greenstreet

This event will be the VTTA National Championship 15 mile


Sunday                 7th October         Rocco 25              25m       8am       H25/2                    Tim Childs