Twenty–four members gathered at Great Missenden Memorial Hall for the 74th Annual General Meeting of the Group.

Reporting on the year’s activities, the Chairman, David Guy, commenced by thanking the members of the committee and Jim Burgin for the work put into the 2017 Luncheon, under Katja’s Rietdorf’s leadership. David suggested that some felt the raffle was a bit drawn out and thus left less time for the conclusive social powwow.

Referring to the Organisers’ Training meeting which he had organised, David thought it was considered a success by those who took part and had encouraged a number of people to look at becoming timekeepers. He hoped to be able to promote a similar conference in the future.

There followed a brief résumé. of the season’s time trial events with a detailed report on the tragic death of Ray Dare of the Kingston Phoenix who was struck down by a motorist as he approached the finishing line.

David announced that in 2018 the Group would be responsible for two VTTA National Championships. The May Ten on the F11/10 (the Don Byham Memorial 10) would be the National Ten Mile Championship, whilst the National Championship 15 would be run on H15/1 in conjunction with the Newbury Road Club.

A vote of thanks to David, in particular for his handling of the July 10 was put and carried.

John Hoskins, wearing his Secretary’s hat, commented on the difficulty arising from the committee being spread over much of the Home Counties. Whilst traditionally the committee meetings had been at Knowl Hill, the committee had had the last three meetings at Ealing, west London, as members could get there easily by public transport if necessary.

John thanked Geoff Perry for his help in preparing reports for The Veteran, whilst Stuart Stow had commenced preparing a new Group website.

The committee had decided to run an event programme in 2018 very similar to that of 2017, although the July10 had been transferred to a Sunday morning due to traffic levels on the A41 on a weekday afternoon.

Phil Melville had taken on the August 10 from David Guy, otherwise the organisers were as in 2017.

It had been agreed that the new season long points competition would be named after Jim Burgin.

At 30 September there had been 349 members (including life members and “couple” members) with 56 new applications balanced against 48 members being removed for non-payment during the year.

Turning to matters of finance, John the Treasurer expressed his concern at the size of the loss during the last financial year. Whilst acknowledging the two ‘extra’ costs – the Organisers’ Conference and the Commemorative Report for the July 10 – he commented that almost all events had run at a loss and the subsidy for the Annual Luncheon had together created a total loss exceeding £3000. It was perhaps not widely realised that, from the subscription of £12, just £2 went into the Group’s funds, thus income from that source was little more than £600.

John made two points very strongly – that to reverse the substantial losses incurred in the 2016/17 year income had to be increased and spending, particularly within our event promotions, had to be severely curtailed. There had been two one off major costs being the Organisers’ conference and the commemorative report for the July Ten, but all parts of our expenditure had to be newly looked at to reduce spending.

A new account with Barclays had been opened and the Group was now able to make full use of internet banking. 

Geoff Perry distributed comprehensive lists of the Group Age Records together with details of trophy winners for the year. The latter included seven trophies to Liam Maybank, three to John Lacey and two to Peter Lawrence. Katja Rietdorf was again the Women’s BAR Champion whilst Tim Childs won the Don Byham memorial trophy.  A new competition, to be known as the ‘Jim Burgin Award’ and based upon a points system calculated from participation in the Group’s events was won by Joy Payne of the Amersham Road Club. Second was Reading’s Roderick MacFadyen with Alan Allcock from the Didcot Phoenix, third.

A large number of group age records were broken during the year, some of which were good enough to qualify for the National list. Most prominent of these was the superb 3.55.19 ride by Katja Rietdorf in the ECCA event in June, followed by her performance in the National RTTC Championship twelve with 258.5 miles. Other age records were broken by Geir Robinson; Ian Greenstreet; Brian James; Liam Maybank; John Lacey; Danuta Tinn; Gill Reynolds; Rosslyn Young; Claire Emons and Jo Payne; Kevin Stokes with Geoff Perry, and Brian Foran with Nicki Hunt had updated some tandem records.

Next up was Katja the Social Secretary; she gave a report on the success of the 2017 Luncheon before going on to describe arrangements being made for the 2018 ‘Do’ to be held at Aldenham Golf Club on Sunday

The meeting then moved onto the ‘Agenda Proper’, commencing with a proposal from the Committee to elect a President which was carried as was the proposition that all Event Secretaries become Ex-Officio members of the Committee

The move to increase Subscriptions was also carried without dissent.

For several years, the Group has maintained a ‘Members Only’ ruling with its promotions. The Committee put forward some proposed changes as follows:

Part 1: That only VTTA members will be accepted for the two promotions on the F11, and no preference for any group will be given. This was accepted after some discussion by a large majority with only 4 against.

Part 2: That entries for the promotions on West London courses (the two 10s and the Rocco 25) will be either (a.) VTTA members only (as now or (b.) preference given to VTTA members but non VTTA members may be accepted if not a full field.

The meeting clearly voted in favour of (b.) It wasn’t clearly decided whether 2(b) included entrants under the age of 40.

The official proceedings closed soon after 1.00pm when refreshments provided by Therese Hoskins were enjoyed by all.

Election of Officers

  • President                                             Jim Burgin             
  • Chairman                                             David Guy              
  • Secretary                                             John Hoskins          
  • Treasurer                                             John Hoskins          
  • Medals & Awards                                 Geoff Perry             
  • Trophy Secretary                                  No-one elected
  • Social Secretary                                   Katja Rietdorf                  
  • Auditor                                                 Audrey Hughes                  
  • Up to 5 committee members
  • David Devine, Paul Marchant and Stuart Stow were elected
  • Delegates to VTTA AGM                          John Hoskins and Geoff Perry
  • Delegates to LWDC CTT                          John Hoskins and David Guy