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Amazing Greys - Veterans on Television

Published by Webmaster on 9th Apr 2014

At the beginning of the year I was approached by a producer from ITV with regard to a proposed programme about veteran athletes. I prepared a list of about 20 riders over 65, based mainly on 2013 Championship results, and asked them to contact ITV if they were interested in taking part. Several riders got in touch and I've just received an e-mail from Derek Stewart to confirm his participation in the series which will be aired on ITV starting on April 12th - the title is "Amazing Greys". The basic idea is competition between a veteran athlete and a much younger but inexperienced challenger.

Make a note in your diary, Saturday 12th April, 8.30 p.m., ITV, and we'll see how the VTTA gets on with national television.

Alan Colburn
VTTA President

From the ITV channel listings:

"New series. Paddy McGuinness and Angela Rippon present this brand new game show in which a series of confident young challengers take on some of the UK's most celebrated senior citizens in games and challenges based around the elders' formidable talents. The series opener sees contestants Sal and Duncan facing off against 73-year-old strongman Henry Clark, 75-year-old radio DJ David Hamilton, 77-year-old cyclist Derek Stewart, 68-year-old darts hero John Lowe and 67-year-old quiz mastermind Liz Horrocks. The younger contestants face a maximum of three Amazing Greys in challenges based around their various professions. If they can beat two of the three, they will leave with 10,000 pounds. If not, they will leave with nothing, but which will triumph in the end - age and wisdom or youth and enthusiasm?"

Roadworks on the A1

Published for North Midlands Group by Editor/Press Secretary on 2nd Apr 2014

Bad news - two of our events on the A1 are going to be affected by some bridge work this summer. 

Pauline Wallis' 25 on June 21st is now a 10, and will be run on the O10/2.

John Martin's is looking for another 25 course for his event on Saturday 9th August. 


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