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The March Magazine

Published by National Editor & Advertising Secretary on 3rd Apr 2015

It was a complete surprise that I should be asked to become the next President of the VTTA.  This is an honour which I am proud to continue following in the footsteps of very worthy predecessors.  I hope that I will be able to assist in ensuring that this great organisation for Veterans continues to grow in strength and live up to the example set by Alan Colburn as he will be a hard act to follow.  I am particularly proud to fly the flag for the ladies.  One person who I greatly admired was Ethel Brambleby who together with her husband always gave me encouragement and friendship for many years.  I am looking forward to representing the VTTA Nationally and have already attended one luncheon and other invitations are coming in.

Regretfully I missed my first piece for the Veteran magazine as I was on holiday enjoying my second love, skiing.  This is something I tend to do at the beginning of each year as it is what I call the ‘off season’ for cycling. Certainly the weather in France was better than that experienced in England.  I have however put my skis away and have returned all in one piece and am looking forward to getting back on my beloved bike.

Last season was extremely quiet for me due to an unfortunate cycling accident in February which rather sidelined me for the whole of the season.  As a result of this accident I have been unable to race and this has left a massive gap in my life as I have been involved in racing since the early 1970s.  Hopefully I will be able to get back to enjoying fully my cycling again. 

There is going to be great competition across the country in the form of the Veterans National events and group championships.  I hope that I will be able to attend the Nationals, if not as a competitor, then as a spectator and be able to enjoy the good competition which will ensue again this season which will be contended by men and women across the age groups.

 It is great for a group such as Kent, of whom I am General Secretary, to have this added honour as our county does not have excessively fast courses, more honest ones but even so times set by our veterans stand up well nationally and we are slowly securing new members which I hope is happening across all groups.

Best wishes to everyone for the 2015 season which is now well and truly underway.  Enjoy your cycling whether it be striving for age standards, achieving good racing results or just getting out on you bikes in club groups or just on your own meandering down the country lanes or putting your panniers on your bike and enjoying a holiday whilst taking in the delight of another year bursting forth.

Carole Gandy

Welcome to our new members

Published for Wessex Group by News Editor on 21st Feb 2015

As most riders are finishing off February planning their season, we would like to welcome the following new members to the Wessex Group for their first full season with the VTTA.
Sarah Matthews  ~  ...a3crg
Martin Whitty  ~  ...a3crg
Steve Williamson  ~  ...a3crg
Kevin Williams ~  B'mouth Jubilee Wheelers
Julian Middlewick  ~  Hants Road Club
Terry Belbin  ~  Poole Wheelers
Richard Davidson  ~  Poole Wheelers
Andrew Page  ~  Portsmouth North End CC
Adrian Watkins  ~  Tornado Road CC
Greg Parker  ~  V.C.St Raphael
Lise Richards  ~  Wyndymilla
Stephen Skinner  ~  no club
For existing Members please remember to apply for your Standards £12.00 (full) before you ride, we are in for a cracking year, don’t miss out.  There could be tears!!!!