A roundup of all National and Group News


Published by National Chairman on 18th Aug 2015

Three weeks ago, contenders for the 25 mile championship hurtled along the A465 in South Wales, a dual carriageway with little traffic but a biting wind and drenching rain. Ahead of them, out and back, little but tarmac and leaden skies. The outcome of that one has been published and chewed over, providing food for thought as the 2016 programme is contemplated.

Just a fortnight later, the scene changed to a sunlit morning on another dual carriageway which, on this occasion, and in spite of the earlier beginning, was heaving with vehicles competing to arrive wherever they were going at the fastest possible rate.

In both events, turning points were of the variety which included ducking under the main road, going what appeared to be backwards to seek out a large roundabout which required each rider to find his or her way past a number of junctions in order to rejoin the route from whence they came. However, it has to be mentioned that this potential confusion was clarified somewhat by a myriad of arrows, plus altruistic individuals who, come rain or shine, indifferent to arriving at the crack of dawn, attempted to direct the riders, heads down and intent only retracing as fast as possible.

It was all so different for the 30 mile Championship on the 16 August. The venue was the H30/1 which is officially called ‘Thatcham – Theale’ which is a misnomer for being part of what once the most famous stretch of time trialling road in the kingdom: the A4, Bath Road; scene of the Ray Booty 100 and renowned events from years gone by when riders north, south, east and west, made their way to the Lamb in Theale, Pangbourne Lane, Mac’s Café, the Towers, Calcot Row and perhaps ‘Cosy Cot’.

Not many of the 50 entrants remembered, or even knew, of those days, for all that is left is a 15 mile stretch between one roundabout and another. However, little has changed and some will tell you that as they ride through Woolhampton they can hear the sound of Dunlop number twos humming.

Compared to their experiences of the two previous championships, most of those riding the 30 probably thought they were on a country lane instead of the main route from London to the west coast of Wales. There was a fair amount of traffic but, as Rob Pears will perhaps confess, he had to overtake some of it for it was going so slowly.

Fulfilled perhaps from a splendid second place in the 25 three weeks earlier and a Champion’s jersey in the 50 fourteen days later, Brian Sunter had virtually lived down-south from his base in Yorkshire and, along with Danuta, camped out at various sites as he prepared for his shot at another jersey.

He won it, and in the process beat two brilliant (younger) riders in Jim Moffatt and Rob Pears.

So ended the 2015 season of VTTA National Championships, promoted for the first time by the newly formed club ‘NEC-VTTA’ – a learning curve for all involved.


Published by National Chairman on 14th Aug 2015

Brian Sunter was a clear winner of the Championship 50 which took place on a beautiful summer's day on the A3 in Hampshire on the 9 of August. This was Brian's sixth win of the Championship and the fourth in succession.

The full result sheet will be available here in a little while, for the time being the list is below.

Brian Sunter Condor Road Club Yorkshire 1:50:57 0:44:46:
Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths Kent 1:40:57 0:40:24:
Andrew Meilak Velorefined Aerosmiths Kent 1:44:03 0:35:31:
Robert Gilmour Hounslow & District Whs London & Home Counties 1:53:37 0:34:14:
Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthian CC West 1:53:39 0:34:12:
Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC Surrey-Sussex 1:53:31 0:33:35:
Lesley Walkling Velo Club St Raphael Wessex 1:57:15 0:33:28:
Charles Zanettacci Cheltenham & County CC West 1:47:40 0:33:14:
Ricky Froud Alton CC/Owens Cycles London & Home Counties 1:45:07 0:33:11:
David Shepherd GS Stella Surrey-Sussex 1:48:45 0:33:04:
Steven Cottington Cadence RT West 1:49:18 0:32:03:
Steve Williamson ...a3crg Wessex 1:45:25 0:32:01:
Alan Murchison Banjo Cycles.com London & Home Counties 1:45:30 0:31:56:
Alex Napier Blazing Saddles Surrey-Sussex 1:44:37 0:31:27:
Colin Parkinson South Western Road Club Nottingham & East Midlands 1:49:56 0:31:25:
Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Wessex 1:51:24 0:31:25:
Ben Fielden GS Stella Surrey-Sussex 2:06:16 0:30:44:
Alan Emmott Fareham Whs Wessex 2:00:57 0:30:21:
Mick Wills Hinckley CRC Nottingham & East Midlands 1:52:34 0:30:15:
Nick Andrews Portsmouth North End CC Wessex 1:49:24 0:30:10:
Dave Pickering Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Wessex 1:49:34 0:30:00:
Gerry McGarr Gloucester City CC West 1:57:39 0:29:27:
Richard Newey Thames Turbo Triathlon Club Surrey-Sussex 1:50:41 0:29:19:
Dave Warne Old Portlians CC Kent 1:55:13 0:29:16:
Stephen Campbell Twickenham CC London & Home Counties 1:49:04 0:29:14:
Donald Parker Brighton Mitre CC Surrey-Sussex 2:00:44 0:28:45:
Aran Stanton Velo Club St Raphael Wessex 1:50:04 0:28:39:
Roger Taylor Frome & Dist Whs West 2:03:47 0:28:31:
Kevin Bexley Team Optima West 1:52:31 0:28:23:
Gawie Nienaber Farnham RC Wessex 1:55:09 0:28:12:
Tom Cox Northover VT - Rudy Project Wessex 1:57:38 0:28:05:
Tim Childs Westerley Cycling Club London & Home Counties 1:53:19 0:28:02:
David Patten Bognor Regis CC Wessex 2:00:16 0:26:50:
Paul Holdsworth Hounslow & District Whs London & Home Counties 1:53:44 0:26:43:
Stuart Stow Twickenham CC London & Home Counties 1:53:29 0:26:31:
Jonathan Hobby North Hampshire RC London & Home Counties 1:54:00 0:26:00:
Hamish Walker Hampshire RC Wessex 1:51:17 0:25:22:
Adrian Blacker Norwood Paragon CC Surrey-Sussex 1:55:10 0:25:17:
Rupert Dickinson Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere Surrey-Sussex 1:51:23 0:24:41:
James Wright Charlotteville Cycling Club London & Home Counties 1:51:54 0:24:38:
Joe Le Sage Rutland CC North Midlands 1:52:01 0:24:31:
Richard Weatherstone GS Stella Surrey-Sussex 1:56:03 0:23:06:
Murray Kirton A5 Rangers CC Midlands 2:15:50 0:22:43:
Gawain Young Sotonia CC Wessex 1:54:56 0:21:36:
Damian Poulter Hounslow & District Whs London & Home Counties 1:55:27 0:20:37:
Jackie Dodd Kingston Phoenix RC Surrey-Sussex 2:13:00 0:19:41:
Kevin Ridge Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Wessex 2:01:40 0:19:14:
John Marinko Brighton Mitre CC Surrey-Sussex 2:01:30 0:18:30:
Robin Vessey Micky Cranks CC West 2:02:44 0:18:10:
Joanna Wells Hounslow & District Wheelers London & Home Counties 2:15:57 0:17:15:
John Isard Hampshire RC Surrey-Sussex 2:10:55 0:16:11:
Jill Bartlett Hounslow & District Whs London & Home Counties 2:17:52 0:15:52:
Adam Evans Newbury RC London & Home Counties 2:01:15 0:15:24:
John Howells Corinium CC West 2:23:26 0:15:07:
Leon Thompson Ipswich Velo East Anglia 2:07:14 0:13:13:
Simon Craig-McFeely a3crg Wessex 2:10:04 0:12:45:
Andrew Green Bec CC Surrey-Sussex 2:03:28 0:12:07:
Allan Renyard Guernsey Velo Club Wessex 2:30:59 0:06:01:
Adrian Watkins Tornado Road Cycling Club Wessex 2:12:50 0:05:53:
Gerry Peppin Corinium CC West 2:19:12 0:02:09:
Simon Hall Andover Whs Wessex 2:23:17 -0:05:25:
John Murphy Gloucester City CC - Rudy Project West DNF  
Mike Boyce ...a3crg Wessex DNF  
John Froud Festival RC - Chelsea Audio Surrey-Sussex DNF  
Anthony Bee Wigmore CC Kent DNF  
Stuart Jago GS Stella Surrey-Sussex DNF  
Trevor Leeding Worthing Excelsior CC Surrey-Sussex DNF  
Stephen Whitewick VeloRefined Aerosmiths Wessex DNF  
Rob Sherrin ...a3crg Wessex DNS  
Gillian Reynolds Willesden CC London & Home Counties DNS  
Jon Fairclough Woking CC Surrey-Sussex DNS  
Teresa Goddard Kingston Wheelers CC London & Home Counties DNS  
Jim Scott Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA West DNS  
Richard Payn 34 Nomads CC East Anglia DNS  
David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT Surrey-Sussex DNS  
Mark Brambleby Northover Vets Surrey-Sussex DNS  
Terry Icke Velo Club St Raphael Wessex DNS  
Andy Tyler VC Cosmique East Anglia DNS  
David Shepherd GS Stella Surrey-Sussex 1:48:45 0:33:04:
Ben Fielden GS Stella Surrey-Sussex 2:06:16 0:30:44:
Richard Weatherstone GS Stella Surrey-Sussex 1:56:03 0:23:06: