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VTTA Championship 25 - 2014

Published by National Editor & Advertising Secretary on 1st Sep 2014

There are not many unaware of the enforced cancellation of the scheduled running of the Championship on the 28th of June. The preceding women’s event did start and finish. The Championship also started with some heroic performances that will not be recorded for posterity. However, there is one short film which all time triallists should watch. It demonstrates not only the horrendous precipitation but the mettle as the rider never wavers, in spite of the conditions – click to link to see yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2qsFtL8jxw  

Event Secretary John Golder made a fresh application to run the event again and it took place on a cold but sunny Sunday morning on the 24th of August.

A total of 144 riders (including reserves) were listed for that wet day in June and, of those, 58 decided to try again. The second promotion had an entry of 137, thus 86 ‘newcomers’ had a chance at taking the title of 25 mile champion. But it was the avuncular Eric Marsh, foiled in June, who, at the age of 84, was ‘gifted’ with the number 139 and so avoided the early morning chill into his mature bones, taking the title with his stunning time of 1:03:21 and a plus of 22:11. If the new standards are really as good as many now believe them to be, Eric’s ride was equal to a 45:03. Has anyone achieved such a plus at 25 miles we may ask ― and will it ever be repeated?

Still enjoying his luminosity as the Association’s favourite TV star, Derek Stewart once again travelled the journey south from his home in Aberdeen, looking for another Championship trophy to add to his joint 10 mile win back in May. Derek gave six years to the triumphant Eric and recorded a brilliant plus of 20:52 (58:22).

Historians can look back years and still they will find the name Brian Sunter. He has figured in the top three at most distances time without number and the diffident 71 year old Yorkshireman was in the limelight yet again as he took the bronze medal with a plus of 20:03 (54:03).

Peter Horsnell, another famous octogenarian from the East Anglian Group, led the all-conquering Chelmer CC in taking the team award, backed up by Antony Stapleton and Event Secretary John Golder.

The revered Rob Pears settled for fifth place on this occasion. His 49:56 - although the only time inside the cherished 50 minutes - resulted in a plus of 18:18.

The – by now ― regular tandem duo of Geoff Perry (National Records Secretary) and Kevin Stokes added to their medal collection; recording a plus of 10:07. Their actual 51:40 was well short of the record they are looking for to go with the 15 mile record already in their names.

Sitting in loneliness by the side of the dual carriageway, the riders might have noticed one or other of two intense individuals, peering alternately into the distance and then in the direction of their laps. These were the men who provided all those plusses. The riders, pounding the tarmac on their multi-pound machines, depended in the final analysis on the work of John Cottee and Eric Angell, Timekeepers returning again to the side of the road on course E2/25; this time on a cold but bright morning.

Others perhaps not noticed by those in search of a faster time than ever before were Dave Nock fixing and then retrieving signs. Christine Holmes spent her time in charge of signing-on, her presence, along with others, being duplicated by the wall-length mirror at the end of the room at Headquarters. Richard Newall and Ian Bibby pushed off – in the correct jargon that means helping the riders on their way, not doing a runner. David Howes, Mick Trickett, Ken Platts and Vince Freeley were at Four Went Ways, waving and pointing whilst Cathy Wood and Paul Hirst acted as timekeepers’ assistants. Bob Ward did a traffic count and Paul Thomson, the infamous ‘Thomo’ of Forum Fame, provided and operated the dual screen results board.

Prizes were presented by VTTA National Chairman, Jim Burgin, and the proceedings being photographed in their entirety by Brian Jones of Kimroy Photography.

Thus ended another bite of the cherry for the coffers of Cycling Time Trials as it copped another windfall of levies; not everyone is/was aware that, as the first event was only cancelled after it had begun, everyone had to pay again.

Those 58 riders who returned for more, from whom came the prizewinners, and the 86 who had a second chance of mixing in elite company with a first class promotion, undoubtedly are grateful to John Golder and his band of helpers who decided to again try to beat the elements. Certainly the NEC are indebted to him and to the East Anglian Group.

The full result can be found at VTTA 2014 National 25 Mile Championship

VTTA and LVRC Joint Promotion

Published by National Chairman on 1st Sep 2014

Following discussions between the VTTA and the LVRC, details of the joint event to be promoted in 2015 are as follows:

The co-organisers will be Mike Amery, LVRC Executive member and Alan Colburn, President VTTA.

The course will be the K47/16 which is a rolling circuit linking Welland, Rye Cross, Longdon and back to Welland.

This is a course which is used for time trials and road races and could be fairly described as “sporting”.

The course is in South Worcestershire just south of Malvern and is easily accessible from the M5 and M50.

The event HQ will be Welland Village Hall which has excellent facilities and plenty of parking.

The event will be run under the regulations of Cycling Time Trials using their internet entry system and entry form. This will ensure insurance cover for competitors and organisers and will not require entrants to join a new organisation.

In accordance with CTT Regulations, entrants will, of course, name their first claim club (which must be affiliated to Cycling Time Trials) when entering. The event will be marked as ‘Preference to VTTA and LVRC members’.

Results will be decided on the recently revised VTTA Standard Tables.

There will be prizes for First, Second and Third on Standard, Fastest on Actual and a Team Prize. The team award will be decided on the best ten riders on Standard (VTTA or LVRC members).

It is appreciated that many riders enjoy membership of both associations so competitors can nominate VTTA or LVRC for this award when they sign on. A small perpetual trophy will be presented for the team award.

The entry fee for the event will be £10.

The date proposed is 18.04.2015 (alternative 11.04.2015) and is included in the Midlands Group event application.